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Sunnyside Community Services  initially started as Sunnyside Youth Services inc  in January 1994 as a Non profit organization  charged with the responsibility to serve all needy individuals regardless of race, age, gender, religion, cultural background,color or sexual orientation. This new non profit organization then opened a fund raising Bingo game in preparation for the opening of the group Home.The Bingo game was held at the West Lane Bingo hall on every Wednesday and the funds were used to support the Group home. In 1995  Sunnyside Youth Services opened its first Group Home for Children who were either in trouble with the law and were placed on probation or those children who were removed from their parents due to one kind of abuse or the other. The first child placed at Sunnyside Youth Services came from Alameda County by the then  social worker called Jamie Johnson who believed in Francis Lahai and gave him the initial  exposure to the juvenile justice system and placement of children throughout the State of California. From that single initial placement of one child, several counties in the state came on Board to place with Sunnyside including the host county San Joaquin County. In 1996 Sunnyside opened its second Group Home on Almondwood  Lane in Stockton. From 1994 – 2002 Sunnyside Youth Services graduated 28 children who successfully completed the  Group Home program and went on to live normal lives as productive citizens in their respective communities.In march 2000, Sunnyside was ranked as one of the few best Group homes in the Sate according to Community Care Licensing. The children who graduated from the Group Homes but had no homes to return were sent to foster care homes. This situation gave birth to Sunnyside Children and Family Services ( A Foster Family Agency)  in 1999. With such  superior staffing, management team and several qualified and experienced social workers, The foster family agency placed over 50 children in several certified foster homes in several cities in California. In 1999 Sunnyside opened its first Library for Children in placement called Billie Stearns Library. The specific objective of this Library was to ensure that the children were engaged between  3.00  pm  - 6.00 Pm which will prevent them from gang and other negative activities.  That same year Sunnyside was  officially recognized by the  City  Council of Stockton. Between 1999 – 2004, Sunnyside Children and family Services graduated 45 children who successfully completed the foster care program and became emancipated into several different professions. Some of the young adults joined the U S Army , marine and navy and are now fighting around the world while others got themselves into various jobs around the state and the country. We were not able to save all the children but we were able to save so many  and most are still grateful till this day. In 2005 Sunnyside switched programs and started the community feeding and general assistance program which we do till this day.