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Community Feeding Program

A  We provide food  services for low income families, the sick,the elderly,the disabled, veterans,the homeless, new arrivals to Stockton( san Joaquin County) ,ex-convicts and parolees and commercial sex workers.

Sunnyside Community Services started the community feeding program in 2005  after 15 years of operating Group Homes for children who were either in trouble with the law or children who were removed from their biological parents due to one kind of abuse or the other and they were adjudged  as wards of the juvenile court. The responsibilities for caring for these children included but not limited to 24 hour supervision,ensuring that they attended school full time, abide by all laws, attend psychotherapy sessions with therapists ,psychologists and with parents if ordered by the juvenile court. The children who did well in the group home program after 12 – 18 months, were sent to lower level care in Sunnyside certified  Foster Homes which was known as Sunnyside Children and family Services. The children who turned 18 years in the group Home and had graduated from the program were sent home to their parents. Those who did not do well and failed to graduate from the group home program before their 18th birthday and  were on probation , were sent to California Youth Authority ( CYA) which is the youth prison. So after 15 years of  all these complex responsibilities laced with extreme stress ,few mishaps , the CEO and founder Mr Francis Lahai, together with his resilient and  wonderful Board of Directors  and gifted professional team adopted a Board resolution to switch gears. With the 501C3 which is the federal tax exempt and the Franchise tax board  which is the state tax exempt both in good standing, Francis became more resolute with an extra ordinary drive and vision to see the suffering of the poor ,the needy, the elderly, veterans, prostitutes , parolees and the sick in down town Stockton. This pathetic  situation and suffering of our people of all races   in this great nation gave birth to Sunnyside Community feeding program  in stockton’s city core. With no funding or grant  from any other source Francis and his wife Nancy used their savings to purchase food from the food banks just to feed these people. Even when things were so rough financially, Francis would borrow money from his wife’s hair braiding business to buy food just to ensure that these people were fed every week.The lack of external support continued for seven years and our recipients kept increasing every month especially with the economic melt down and the near depression high  unemployment until July 2012  when   The Stockton Record featured Sunnyside in their article ( Quietly Filling  a Need). It was only at this time that even my Church ( Central United Methodist Church- Stockton )  came to know about my  community feeding program. Since then Central united Methodist Church together with Quail lakes Baptist church  and few community  humanitarians came on Board and   have been a tremendous support to the program. Today we can thank God for giving us the wisdom, the energy, and the support to be able  feed his children every week since 2005. We thank God today for giving us the opportunity to give back to this wonderful nation in our own little way and we pray that this program continues because the needs keep increasing all the time. Food is purchased from the emergency food bank and interfaith food bank and few Grocery stores donated pastries ( See Donor list). The need for more food is always necessary because of the rapid increase of our recipients . You are therefore welcome to come on Board today. It is always emphasized to all volunteers to treat all our recipients with absolute respect and dignity because any one of us can be in their situation at any time.

Provide emergency assistance

Provide emergency assistance to people in desperate need of  limited housing, clothing, blankets, house hold utensils, toiletries.

The provision of emergency assistance to families became apparent after few years of serving the people with food only . It was observed over  a period of time that individuals who  were just released from prison were directed to Sunnyside for assistance not only in food but house hold utensils and other basic living needs. Example Clothes, beddings, spoons, knives, cups, toiletries, socks etc.Some  families who newly relocated to Stockton were also given such assistance. This situation gave rise to the request for donations in clothes and other house hold items. Housing assistance is also facilitated for those in need such as the search for housing, apartments, completion of application forms and limited transportation of the belongings  for successful applicants. Those looking for Jobs are also assisted with job search and submission of applications.


Sunnyside offer extra assistance to recipients when the need for counseling becomes apparent.some of the recipients come to us with extreme emotional and mental problems emanating from abuse of illegal drugs or alcohol. In such a situation sunnyside will coordinate a referral to a mental health counseling agency at our location called Voice Of Hope Ministries.

If You want to be a Food Programs Sponsor
Get Your Insurance from 
American Serenity Insurance Services Inc
And Donate 5%  Every Year To 
Sunnyside Food Programs
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Homeless Poverty Statistics


Number of homeless people in the US


Average monthly income for a homeless individual


Percent of homeless that do not get enough to eat daily

28 %

Percent of homeless that did paid work during the past month

44 %

Percent of homeless that have problems with alcohol, drug abuse, or Mental

66 %

Percent of homeless persons that have been sexually assaulted

7 %

Percent of homeless that have been homeless for more than two (2) years

30 %

Percent of homeless women that are unaccompanied / have no partner

40 %

Percent of homeless women claim to have been abused within the past year.

25 %

Percent of homeless women who claim domestic abuse as the reason for their homelessness

22 %

Percent of homeless population that are Veterans / Vets

40 %

Percent of homeless persons who are employed

25 %

Number of Americans who now live in hunger or on the edge of hunger


Percent of people in a soup kitchen line who are children

20 %

Number of families who are lodging nightly in city shelters in New York City


Number of children in the U.S. who live below poverty level.


Annual number of food stamp recipients who are children


Percent of cities surveyed that identified domestic violence as a primary cause of homelessness

46 %

Percent of the adult homeless population that suffer from a severe and persistent mental illness

22 %

Percent of homeless persons who have a mental illness that requires institutionalization

6 %

Demographic make-up of the homeless population


Single Men

44 %

Single Women

13 %

Families with Children

36 %

Unaccompanied Minors

7 %

Racial breakdown of homeless population



50 %


35 %


12 %