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Sunnyside Community Services Inc  is a Non-profit public betterment corporation which is organized  under the non profit public benefit corporation law for charitable purposes. The specific  purpose of this corporation is to provide care and services to all needy individuals regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, culture or sexual orientation.

Sunnyside Community Services – Providing food and Emergency Assistance to all needy families of Stockton and San Joaquin County since 2005. Sunnyside  initiated its community feeding program during the global economic crisis with a national Real estate catastrophe which resulted in the highest unemployment  in the united States since the great depression. This economic crisis  hit so many families that people had to turn to humanitarian

Help fight Hunger and Malnutrition. For every dollar you donate ,you help provide food for hundreds of local children,families, veterans and the elderly in your community. You can also Donate Clothing, Households utensils, your old car or Boat for a tex deductible write off. All Donation will go towards the purchase of food from the food bank in order to serve a well balanced diet.   Together we can save lives.Thank you for your generous donation



What we do with Donation


Welcome to Sunnyside Site

A)Community Feeding Program_  We provide food  services for low income families, the sick,the elderly,the disabled, veterans,the homeless, new arrivals to Stockton( san Joaquin County) ,ex-convicts and parolees and commercial sex workers.

B)Provide emergency assistance to people in desperate need of  limited housing, clothing, blankets, house hold utensils, toiletries.

C) Limited Counseling

Current Programs

Sunnyside is Struggling to Feed Needy People

Sunnyside Community Services Inc ( aka) Sunnyside Youth Services is a community based non profit organization which provides a comprehensive spectrum of services to all needy individuals or families


Story of Sunnyside

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Current Food Serving Programs for Needy People Monthly Report

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Agency Struggling to Feed Needy


 Central United Methodist Church, Stockton, California
  Quail lakes Baptist Church, Stockton, California
  S-Mart Foods – West Lane, Stockton
  S_Mart Foods- Alpine Avenue, Stockton
  S- mart Foods- Quail lakes, Stockton
  Grocery Depot – Pacific Avenue, Stockton
  Interfaith Food Bank- Main Street,Stockton

 Don &  Nancy Biddle
  Alan & Mrs England
  Julius & Faye Hastings
  Good Sameritan- Fremont Street- Stockton.

 A.G.Spanos Company

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American Serenity Insurance Services Inc
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Sunnyside Food Programs
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